Ald. O’Connor briefed on smart grid initiative; device will improve power reliability


A ComEd crew recently installed an 835-pound IntelliRupter, which is designed to limit the spread of power outages, on a new utility pole in an alley in the 5500 block of North Neva Avenue. The device, which is part of the company’s Smart Grid initiative, is being installed in areas that have had a history of power reliability problems.

The device also will allow ComEd to be notified immediately of an outage. On May 6, ComEd officials brief Alderman Mary O’Connor (41st) on how the IntelliRupter will improve electrical service in her ward.

“Today’s smart grid replacement represents anther instance in which residents of the 41st Ward are going to benefit from improved service, and I want to thank our partners at ComEd for working so closely with my office on these types of investments.”

O’Connor added, “I met with the CEO of ComEd, Anna Pramaggiore, immediately after those destructive storms in July of 2011 to discuss the critical need for stronger, more reliable electrical service in the Edgebrook/Wildwood community. As a result, I was very pleased with the wide range of investments they agreed to make shortly thereafter, and I believe constituents are already experiencing the benefits of these measures.”


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