Eddie Carranza shuts down Portage Theater

Late Friday night, May 24, Eddie Carranza shut down the Portage Theater, 4050 N. Milwaukee Ave.

The closing came on the same day the city revoked his liquor license at the Congress Theater, 2135 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Carranza on May 14 bought the management company which holds the licenses for the Portage and has 30 days to apply for a transfer of the license. “Under the law there was no reason he had to shut down (the Portage),” said Owen Brugh, chief of staff for Alderman John Arena (45th).

Movies were scheduled to be shown at the Portage over the Memorial Day weekend, and Arena’s staff was trying to help an organization’s sponsoring one of the films to find a new venue.

Arena has said that he would oppose the transfer of the Portage’s licenses to Carranza until he demonstrates that he can run the Portage in a responsible manner. Carranza reportedly is looking for a new company to manage the Portage.

Carranza is appealing the revocation of his liquor license at the Congress, and during the appeals process, the Congress can continue to sell liquor.

During the appeals process, Carranza can apply to have the Portage’s liquor license transferred to him, but the license cannot be issued to him unless the revocation at the Congress were to be reversed, Brugh said. If the revocation at the Congress is upheld, Carranza would be prohibited from obtaining a new liquor license in the city.

If Carranza fails to apply for a license transfer within 30 days, the existing liquor license at the Portage would no longer be valid, Brugh said. The deadline for transferring the Portage’s public place of amusement license is about 45 days, Brugh said.


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