Home care service offered by Polish American Association


The Polish American Association has begun a new private pay program that is designed to provide home care services for as little as 3 hours a week for those in need, including those who may have a chronic illness, a broken bone or a newborn child.

The social service agency has been considering starting private pay programs due to concerns about the delays it faces in reimbursement for the state-funded programs that it administers, often at no charge to the client. Proceeds from the home care program will go toward funding other activities at the nonprofit association, which has its headquarters at 3834 N. Cicero Ave.

The association’s home care program, which is licensed by the state Department of Public Health, is intended for people who do not qualify for state subsidized programs, which are often for the elderly and low-income individuals, program marketing director Izabella Bultrowicz said.

"Some people that we are encountering have been denied because of their age, but they need help a few hours a week," said. "It does not need to be in the home. It could be getting groceries or taking someone to church."

The workers, who must complete a training program and undergo a criminal background check, can assist with housecleaning, laundry, meal preparation, dog walking and personal care. Workers also give medication reminders and escort clients on trips from home, such as visits to a doctor, a store or the post office, Bultrowicz said.

The cost of the program is $20 per hour on weekdays or $21 per hour on weekends, with a minimum of 3 hours per shift. Long-term care also is available.

There is no age or income requirement to participate in the program, but the client is responsible for paying the program’s fees, which cannot be billed to insurance, Bultrowicz said. "The prices are low compared to other places that provide the same service," she said.

The association, which was founded in 1922, offers programs including career counseling, English as a second language classes, vocational training and computer literacy. While traditionally known as a Polish welfare agency, the association’s bilingual staff works with people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds, Bultrowicz said.

For more information on the home care program, call the association at 773-427-6330 or visit www.polish.org.


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