Res welcomes new president, principal


The new school year at Resurrection Prep High School began with a new principal, president, theme and strategic plan.

The Sisters of Resurrection and the board of the school have appointed Sister Donna Marie Wolowicki as interim president and Kathy Rzany as interim principal, replacing Dr. Lynne Saccaro, who held both posts for 6 years.

Resurrection communications coordinator Kathleen Heneghan said that Saccaro stepped down to take care of an ill relative. "She has a great legacy that she left behind," Heneghan said.

Heneghan said that Saccaro helped the school transition to a block schedule and implemented an advisement program and a student seminar period, among other accomplishments.

"It gives more opportunity for the principal to spend time with academic affairs and the president to manage other affairs," Sister Wolowicki said. "All issues will be given adequate time."

The board will conduct a search for permanent appointments to the positions, but it does not appear that Sister Wolowicki and Rzany, who both came out of retirement to accept the positions, will seek permanent status.

"They both feel it’s their position to serve in their capacity," Heneghan said. She said the two are focused on the school year and the new theme — "The calling."

"Our theme is exciting," Sister Wolowicki said. "God calls each one of us in a special way to bring Him to others." Last year’s theme was "Kindness."

The theme is embedded in the school’s new 3-year strategic plan. Plans for schools typically are for 5 years, but because of new technology, the board thinks that 3 years is a sufficient amount of time, Heneghan said.

Archdiocese of Chicago regional planner Carol Palmer facilitated the process for the school. Palmer said that the shorter plan allows the school to respond to its needs more nimbly.

"The condensed time frame let’s them be agile and attentive," Palmer said.

Part of the plan will be to fill the interim positions.


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