Principal taking leave


Jones College Prep High School assistant principal Carolyn Rownd will begin serving as the acting principal of Taft High School effective Nov. 25.

Rownd will serve as principal until June 30, as Taft principal Mary Kay Cappitelli has taken an extended leave of absence for medical reasons, according to Network One chief of schools Anna Alvarado. Cappitelli remains the principal of the school and has agreed to be available as a consultant.

If Cappitelli decides to retire, the Taft High School Local School Council will begin a principal search for a principal for next school year, Alvarado said in a Nov. 15 announcement on Taft’s Web site.

Rownd is on "loan" from Jones and will not have voting rights on the Taft LSC, Alvarado said.

"Decisions regarding budget and staffing fall under the jurisdiction of the chief, with approval from the LSC," Alvarado said in a statement. "In order to maintain stability, school personnel and programs/initiatives will continue for the remainder of the school year."