Input sought on design for Roberts Square Playlot Park design


The Roberts Square Park Advisory Council is seeking community input on two proposed playlot designs, one of which will be constructed at the 3.5-acre park next year.

The council is asking residents who live near the park, 5200 W. Argyle St., to choose one of the designs by Sunday, Dec. 1, and email their decision to Copies of the designs are available on the council’s Facebook page and at

Roberts is one of several area parks which is receiving new playground equipment as part of the “Chicago Plays” program. The program calls for new equipment at about 300 parks over the next 5 years, including Kolmar, 4143 N. Kolmar Ave., Norwood, 5801 N. Natoma Ave., North Mayfair, 4533 W. Carmen Ave., Thuis, 4759 N. Lavergne Ave., and Oriole, 5430 N. Olcott Ave.

In order to save money, the footprint of each playlot is not changing, and a softer rubber surface is not being installed. The parks will use Fibar chips, which look similar to traditional woodchips but are a softer material, as its play surface.

Roberts council president John Riordan said that each of the two designs includes slides, climbing apparatus, rockers and bridges. Plans call for the existing swing sets to remain because the newer swing banks require more space and would result in a reduction in the number of swings, Riordan said.

The council plans to announce the outcome of the vote on Dec. 2, Riordan said. Construction of the new playlot tentatively is scheduled to start next spring and be completed by July, he said.

The park is located across from Beaubien School, 5025 N. Laramie Ave., where this fall two new playlots and an artificial athletic field are being installed. “With the playing surface and playlots at Beabien and the new playground at the public park across from it, the neighborhood will have some nice new amenities,” Riordan said.