Downtown Edgebrook site to be cleaned up


The city Law Department has reached an agreement with the owner of an unfinished construction site in Downtown Edgebrook to clean up the property, according to Alderman Margaret Laurino (39th).

A one-story building on the 3,709-square-foot parcel was demolished more than 2 1/2 years ago, but little work has been done since that time, and several building code citations have been issued in connection with the project. Plans called for the construction of a two-story commercial building with an attached garage.

It appears doubtful that the construction will proceed given the liens which have been placed on the property and legal disputes involving contractors for the project, Laurino said. "Truthfully I would like to see the property sold, but because of the litigation involved, I can’t predict when that will happen," she said.

The owner has agreed to fill the hole on the site, repair the construction fence and conduct a general clean-up of the property, Laurino said. Two large metal storage containers which had been stacked on the property for about 2 years were removed, she said.

Area merchants had complained that the property had become an eyesore. At times there were standing water, pieces of foundation stacked, and an excavating machine being stored on the site.

The property, which is bordered by an alley to the north and west, is halfway between Devon Avenue and Caldwell Avenue. A building permit for the property stated that an insurance business would be operated there and that the second floor would be used for file storage.