No plans for one-way streets


The Mayfair Civic Association has debated whether to make Leland Avenue, Wilson Avenue and Sunnyside Avenue one-way streets for years, but Alderman Margaret Laurino (39th) has no plans to do so in part because of the effect that the changes could have on other streets.

“She talked to all of the parties concerned,” Laurino spokesman Manuel Galvan said. “We don’t feel any of the proposed solutions would totally correct all of the problems.”

The association asked city officials to investigate the issue last year but never heard back, and the topic was raised at a meeting in February, association president Ronald Duplack said. The question of which streets should be one-way and where parking should be prohibited have led to contentious discussions at some association meetings.

The city Department of Transportation recommended a year ago that Leland be made one-way or that parking be banned on one side of the street due to its narrowness, and the association requested that similar studies be conducted of Wilson and Sunnyside. The association also was seeking guidance from the department on which direction the east-west streets should flow.

“You would be creating other issues with any of the solutions,” Galvan said. “She will not be making any changes at the time. However, we will continue to monitor the situation.”

Residents have complained about cut-through traffic that is created in large part by the expressway exit and entrance ramps at Wilson and about the number of vehicles which are sideswiped on the narrow streets.

The association’s boundaries had been split between the 39th and 45th wards, but under the remap, all of Mayfair will be in Laurino’s ward.