Meter fees on Sunday would resume in ward


The 45th Ward would become the only ward on the Northwest Side where metered parking would be in effect on Sundays under a proposal by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Alderman John Arena made the request last year in an effort to prevent all-day parking in front of businesses on Sundays. "The point of parking meters is to encourage parking turnover," Arena’s chief of staff Owen Brugh said. "Several new restaurants are opening at Six Corners, and it would help them out on Sundays to have parking turnover."

Four North Side aldermen made similar request for their commercial districts, and the mayor’s ordinance would affect only their wards and the 45th Ward. The free Sunday metered parking in neighborhood commercial districts took effect last summer after Emanuel’s administration negotiated the change with Chicago Parking Meters LLC, which has a 75-year deal to manage meters in the city.

Arena has asked that in exchange for the paid parking on Sundays, the $2 hourly parking rate be reduced to $1.75 seven days a week in his ward. Arena has said that he does not want the paid Sunday parking to be a windfall for Chicago Parking Meters.

The 25-cent reduction is not in the proposed ordinance, but Brugh said that that type of issue often is worked out in committee. Arena may reconsider his opinion on the issue if the hourly rate is not reduced, he said.

"We’re still in negotiations," Brugh said. "It’s not a done deal yet."