Unlicensed club closed


An unlicensed social club where motorcyclists gathered in the Jefferson Park shopping district has closed after a few weeks of operation, according to Alderman John Arena’s office.

As Arena was walking past a storefront at 4760 N. Milwaukee Ave. recently, he heard the revving of a motorcycle coming from inside the building, his chief of staff Owen Brugh said. Arena entered the former print shop and discovered that a bar had been installed in the building, Brugh said.

Several building code and license citations were issued, and it is believed that the club has vacated the premises, Brugh said. Arena’s aldermanic office is in the same block.

At least six unlicensed social clubs have opened and closed near Milwaukee and Lawrence avenues in the past 5 years.

Last winter a club that was operating in a former restaurant at 4801 N. Milwaukee Ave. was closed after video gambling machines reportedly were moved into it.