St. Cornelius School looking to raise $250,000; Archdiocese reportedly does not plan to cover school’s financial shortfalls

Saint Cornelius School is looking to raise $250,000 by Oct. 10 following news that the Archdiocese “is no longer in a position to offer financial assistance to (the school) to help relieve us from out financial shortfalls,” according to a letter that school officials posted on the school’s Facebook page on Oct. 2.

School officials reportedly are hoping that a successful fundraising campaign will send a signal to the Archdiocese that community support for the school is strong and that the school should not be among those considered for closing. The Archdiocese may announce its recommendations for school closings later this year.

“We are calling upon all those who have benefited, and continue to benefit, from our school and parish to stand together as we carry on the rich tradition that has graced our community for close to 90 years,” the letter states.

Donations can be sent to the school or paid through a link at

The school’s phone number is 773-283-2192