Single-family homes considered for large side yard in Norwood Park


The 41st Ward Zoning Advisory Board at its meeting Wednesday, Feb. 4, is scheduled to discuss a plan to build single-family homes on an approximately 16,000-square-foot side yard at the southwest corner of Avondale and Nickerson avenues in the Norwood Park Circle.

Plans call for the construction of two or three single-family homes on the side yard, which has the same owner as the adjacent 126-year-old frame home at 6208 N. Avondale Ave., said Alderman Mary O’Connor’s chief of staff Lisa Ryan. The Cook County Assessor’s Office lists the two properties as having the same address but different property index numbers.

Plans call for the homes to be constructed under the site’s existing RS-2 zoning, which is intended primarily for single-family homes, Ryan said. The property is located in the Norwood Park Historical District.

The project also would meet the requirements of the Norwood Park Special Character Overlay District, which was created to help preserve the historical district, Ryan said. The overlay places additional restrictions on the size of buildings and minimum lot areas than typically allowed under RS-2.

Since a zoning change is not being requested for the project, the advisory board will not be asked to vote on the proposal, but the developer has agreed to take into consideration feedback from the board, Ryan said. The board consists of architects and representatives of community organizations, and its votes serve as recommendations to O’Connor.

The meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the Olympia Park fieldhouse, 6566 N. Avondale Ave. At its Jan. 7 meeting, the board discussed a proposed four-flat at 6686 N. Olympia Ave., but revisions to that project have not been submitted, and it is not on the agenda, Ryan said.