School bus hits store


An empty R&D Bus company school bus crashed into the Card Frenzy store, 6500 W. Irving Park Road, at about 8:10 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 5, according to 16th (Jefferson Park) District police.

The 59-year-old driver of the bus reported that he had parked it at the Burger King restaurant in the 6400 block of West Irving Park Road and that when he went inside to make a purchase coffee he left the bus running in order to keep it warm, according to police.

The driver reported that when he left the restaurant he discovered that the bus was missing, and that when he called the bus company he was told that it was a block away, according to police. The driver said that an employee of the company arrived and took a hard drive with a video from inside the bus, police said.

However, a surveillance video from a nearby store shows that the bus began moving on its own because the driver allegedly had not set the parking break and that it rolled and crashed into the card store, according to police. The store suffered minor damage to the front, police said.