Residents seek relief from taxicab problem


Possible relief of the problem of taxicab parking on Elston Avenue and plans to sell packaged beer and wine at the Mayfair Market, 4728 N. Pulaski Road, were discussed at the April 9 meeting of the Mayfair Civic Association.

For the past several years residents have complained about cabs from Dispatch Taxi Affiliation, 4536 N. Elston Ave., being parked on Elston and about cab drivers parking their personal vehicles on area side streets.

However, the company is hoping that the expansion of its facility near Lake Street and Wolcott Avenue will encourage more drivers to leave their cars there than at the Elston facility. The company is acquiring additional property near its Lake Street facility.

The Lake Street facility, which closes at 8 p.m., also is becoming a 24-hour operation, and its proximity to the Loop make the location convenient for many drivers, Dispatch manager Anita Cisneros said.

In addition, Dispatch is seeking to have a building at 4520 N. Elston Ave. rezoned from C1-1 to C2-1 to allow taxicab repair and storage. A decorative fence would be installed in front of site’s 15-space parking lot, and access would be from an alley.

It also was reported that an increasing number of cabs not belonging to Dispatch are being parked on Montrose Avenue.

Meanwhile, a representative of the Mayfair Market told the association that store officials are seeking a packaged liquor license for beer and wine but that hard liquor would not be sold. Under the proposal single-serve containers of beer and wine would not be offered, and the store’s current closing time of 9 p.m. would remain.