City replacing more water mains in area


City workers will begin replacing 120-year-old water mains in Milwaukee Avenue and Central Avenue this week.

The Department of Water Management will install 464 feet of a 12-inch water main in Milwaukee Avenue from Central Avenue to Foster Avenue and 4,283 feet of an 8-inch main in Central from Elston Avenue to Milwaukee and in Lovejoy Avenue from Catalpa Avenue to Central.

The old pipes were installed in 1894. The work is expected to be completed in June, including restoration of the pavement.

Traffic will be allowed on Milwaukee, Central and Lovejoy outside working hours. Some lane closings are expected, and "No Parking" signs will be posted between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Alderman John Arena’s chief of staff Owen Brugh said that one lane of traffic will remain open at all times in both directions and that detours are not planned. Some work will be done during nighttime hours, Brugh said.

"I would avoid that intersection and find alternative routes because that area is already bad as it is with traffic when there is no construction," Brugh said.

Crews also are working on installing a new water main in Lawrence Avenue from Central to Laramie Avenue and in Linder Avenue from Lawrence to Higgins Avenue. Those pipes were installed in 1890.

The crews are installing 682 feet of an 8-inch water main in Linder from Lawrence to Higgins and 2,976 feet of a 12-inch water main in Lawrence from Central to Laramie.