Concerns about reported shootings and burglaries expressed at North Mayfair Improvement Association meeting


Concerns about reported shootings and burglaries were expressed at the Jan. 6 meeting of the North Mayfair Improvement Association.

The association plans to send a letter to the 17th (Albany Park) Police District outlining the concerns which residents expressed at the meeting. "We need to show a concerted effort, and it needs to be mindful and respectful," association vice president of current affairs Lynn Burmeister said.

Association president Jim O’Reilly said that the best venue for residents to express concern about crime is at the police district’s beat meeting. North Mayfair is in Beat 1712, which will hold a meeting at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 27, at Mayfair Church, 5020 N. Pulaski Road.

It was reported at the meeting that gunshots were heard early one morning last month near Argyle and Kenneth avenues. In May a video was posted online that showed a man firing several shots at a car near Kenneth and Gunnison Street.

Some association members said that there was confusion about the extent of the recent shooting incident and that the police district should do a better job issuing e-mail alerts on crime trends in the area and notifying the community of subsequent arrests.

Reports of gang activity, drug dealing and burglaries in the area also were discussed at the meeting. One resident reported that the drug transactions are taking place between motorists, and another resident said that a gang has been marking its territory by bending street signs.

O’Reilly said that several break-ins have been reported recently at homes on Tripp Avenue between Lawrence Avenue and Foster Avenue and that residents have reported that packages have been stolen from front porches. O’Reilly said that it appears someone is following delivery trucks and taking the packages after the truck leaves.

Four residential burglaries were reported in North Mayfair between Dec. 18 and Dec. 31, according to Chicago police.

Also at the meeting, several members recommended that the business portion of the association’s meetings be shortened to allow more time for social networking among residents.

In addition, Burmeister reported that the association is considering holding a street festival. She said that the idea has been well received and that recruiting volunteers and sponsors for the event should not be a problem.

The association also announced that it has funds leftover from its mural project at Gunnison and Cicero Avenue and that that they will be reserved for future public art projects.

In addition to O’Reilly and Burmeister, the association’s officers are treasurer Marisa Goldberg, police and community vice presidents Keith Bialoruski and Emilio Villatoro, advertising secretary Nevin Hofing, membership secretary Denice Barndt and director of media Tracy O’Reilly.