Letter to the Editor

I read the article about restoration at LaBagh Woods with interest.

Baseline documentation is a critical component of scientific data collection, and I am very happy that this is being done at LaBagh Woods.

However, it should be noted that baseline documentation is only a first step and cannot be used to say that restoration is the basis for any species being present at LaBagh at this time.

The real impact of restoration on "Long Gone Animals" will be determined by documenting sustainability over the long term. If restoration is to claim responsibility for specifically creating an environment/habitat for the species mentioned in the article, then those species must be monitored and documented every year going forward. A habitat-enhancement claim for any species is only credible when that species is consistently present.

The scientific assessment of the relationship between species observations and the long-term impact of restoration on the sustainability of these species will require yearly monitoring and consistent data collection. The long-term impact of restoration remains to be seen after these data have been analyzed.

Petra M. Blix