Fischman Liquors, a longtime Jeff Park establishment, set to close


Fischman Liquors and Tavern, a landmark in the Jefferson Park business district, is scheduled to close its doors in mid-July, according to operators Shanna and Gus Karamaniolas.

A reported rent dispute with a  family member who owns the building  and who lives in Greece led to the decision to close the bar, which in recent years has become popular for its craft beer events and the parking of food trucks outside the tavern. This winter Fischman’s hosted an indoor farmers’ market.

Plans had called for the opening of a restaurant and a beer garden at Fischman’s, 4774-80 N. Milwaukee Ave. “The dream we had for this place, what we wanted to do, what we wanted it to be … that dream has died,” Gus Karamaniolas said in a press release.

“Although the dream may have died, let it be known it did not die without a flight. Constant battles with lawyers, lawsuits, family and even taking on expensive repairs to the building to keep the business open, ultimately led to the decision to close.

“Closing a business because it is failing is one thing. Closing a business that has grown into an established success, due to an ongoing battle with family, makes this that much harder,” the release said.

The release leaves open the possibility that Shanna and Gus Karamaniolas may re-open a new establishment. “The memories created here are memories that will live on forever. The friendships created here are friendships  we hope will continue for years to come,” the release said.

Gus’ father purchased the liquor store and tavern about 20 years ago. In recent years Fischman’s has hosted several community meetings and fundraisers.