Armed men confront residents at two Jefferson Park homes

Residents in the 5400 block of West Giddings Street and 5500 block of West Leland Avenue reported that armed men came to the back door of their home at about 9 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 27, according to 16 th (Jefferson Park) District police.

In the incident on Giddings, a man reported that he was able to swing the back door closed before the three assailants could enter and that he and his wife crawled to a bathroom and called police. One of the assailants displayed a revolver before he fled, police said.

In the other incident, a man reported that he heard a loud banging noise coming from the rear of his house and that he then confronted two gunmen on the stairwell leading to his basement, police said. The men fled after the home owner tried to knock the handgun out of the hands of one of the men, police said.

The incidents occurred about 10 minutes apart, and all but one of the assailants were described as age 18-25, police said. In the Giddings incident, two of the men were described as white-Hispanic and the other as black, while in the Leland incident one of the men wore a black hooded sweatshirt and the other a black skull cap, police said.