End of parking ban planned for Argyle


Alderman John Arena (45th) is seeking to lift the parking ban on a 200-foot stretch of the 5300 block for West Argyle Street, where a 48-unit apartment complex will be built next year.

Arena’s chief of staff Owen Brugh said that the ban, which is in effect on both sides of the street, was installed decades ago to allow room for trucks to turn out of a former industrial storage yard at 5344 W. Argyle St. The change would free up an estimated 15 to 20 parking spaces, which would become part of an existing residential permit parking zone in the area.

The permit parking would be in effect between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Arena recently introduced ordinances that would allow the parking changes on Argyle.

Brugh also said that a plan is being developed to address parking issues near the Gladstone Park Metra station at Northwest Highway and Austin Avenue.

Area restaurants require short-term parking for their patrons, while commuters and workers need long- term parking, Brugh said. "We’re trying to accommodate all users," he said.

The City Council alsoh as approved an ordinance that eliminates rush-hour parking restrictions on Central Avenue between Higgins Avenue and Eastwood Avenue on the west side of Central and Windsor Avenue on the east side. The change allows the installation of curb extensions, which shorten the distance of a crosswalk, at Giddings Street.

Arena introduced the ordinance after a van fatally struck a 2-year-old on Central Avenue.

Brugh said that the city Department of Transportation is recommending that that the restrictions go as far south as Belmont Avenue, covering several wards. He said that eliminating use of the parking lane for through traffic is intended prevent speeding and risky maneuvers by drivers.