City to share cost of replacing sidewalks

Property owners can apply for the popular city Shared Cost Sidewalk Program on Jan. 10.

The Department of Transportation program allows property owners to share the cost of sidewalk repair with the city for less than what a private contractor would charge. Senior citizens and individuals with disabilities may qualify to receive a 50 percent discount, according to the department.

Projects are limited to sidewalks in the public right of way, and they may include the main walk, the sidewalk through a driveway, an existing courtesy walk which runs from the sidewalk to the curb, and existing landing steps, the department said. Sidewalks on private property are included only if they are needed for transition purposes.

Owners of corner properties are charged for sidewalk on both the main side and the non-address side of the property. The department will build Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant corner ramps where applicable, with the city paying for the cost of the ramps.

Replacement of sidewalks is based on engineering considerations. In order to minimize the cost and increase the number of program participants, only the portion of sidewalk in need of replacement as determined by the transportation department is eligible for the program.

Property owners have the option of replacing the entire sidewalk in front of the property, with the cost of replacing the portion of sidewalk determined in good condition charged to the property owner.

The replacement of permitted driveway aprons can be added to the project, with the replacement cost charged to the property owner.

Program applicants must provide the property owner’s complete name, a phone number, an e-mail address if available and the property’s address. Applicants also should specify if they are seniors or have disabilities at the time of applying.

Once the program budget amount is met, the program will close for the year. Applicants will be notified by mail whether they have been included in the program. Accepted applicants will receive a bill in the spring indicating the property owner amount due.

Applications can be made by calling 311 or online at

For more information, call 312-744-1746.