Sewer mains replaced


The city Department of Water Management began a sewer main replacement project on Feb. 24 in Peterson, Melvina and Milwaukee avenues in the 39th Ward, officials said.

Crews are installing a new sewer in Peterson from Nagle Avenue to Melvina Avenue, in Melvina from Peterson to Milwaukee, and in Milwaukee from Melvina to Holbrook Avenue. The existing sewers date to 1917.

Department spokesman Gary Litherland said that the city will replace the old sewer mains with 48-inch, 36-inch and 24-inch mains.

"It’s a larger sewer project ,and we’re increasing the size of the mains," Litherland said. He said that the work is expected to be completed by April 28.

Once the city has completed its portion of the work, a contractor will begin construction of a junction chamber in the intersection of Peterson and Nagle, and restoration will follow, according to the city.

Typically, when the city crews work in the street, they may close or limit traffic for safety reasons. The department will post "No Parking" signs as needed during work hours from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Vehicles must be moved by the start of the next work day if they are parked overnight.

Alderman Margaret Laurino (39th) also is asking residents to consider installing a water meter to save money on their water bills. For more information, visit