Girl Scouts raise funds by ‘flocking’ flamingos


The Eden United Church of Christ Girl Scout Troop 30 has been filling residents’ lawns with green flamingos in Forest Glen as a part of a fund-raiser for a trip to Canada and Alaska next year.

Residents can "flock" a neighbor’s lawn for $10 and fill it with about 15 plastic, green flamingos.

Troop leader Tomi Jean Griesenauer said that each green flock is left with a "very humorous ransom note," explaining what happens next for the neighbor and the flamingos. The flamingos are green after the Girl Scouts, but they have some pink flamingos available.

"The note explains these flamingos are extremely delicate and can only be removed by special green flamingo removers (the Girl Scouts). For $10, you can have the flamingos removed but for $20, you can have your flamingos removed and ‘flock’ someone else," Griesen auer said.

Griesenauer also said there is another option to have the flamingos removed without paying the $10 if it isn’t an option.

"We understand that paying is not always an option for people. Neighbors can call us, and we will take the flamingos away with no questions asked. We want to make sure people know this isn’t extortion," said Griesenauer.

She also said that for $5 dollars, residents can even buy "insurance" and make sure they won’t be ‘flocked’ again. This is particularly helpful for people who have been ‘flocked’ numerous times already.

Flamingo "flocking" is not a new idea for Girl Scout Troop 30. Griesenauer explained that the idea began in 2013 and 2014 to raise funds for a trip to Europe. This year’s fund-raising is for a trip to Canada and Alaska the troop is organizing for next year.

The troop moved to Eden United Church of Christ last year but was at Forest Glen Congregational Church before that for a number of years. Griesenauer said that most of the flamingos are seen in Forest Glen.

"Last week, we had 11 ‘flocks’ and we still have quite a list of people we still need to hit," she said.

The troop raised more than $530 in July and plans to raise funds through Aug. 31.

For more information, call Griesenauer at 312-802-1486 or send an e-mail to tomijean52@