Taft principal returns after successful bone marrow transplant


Taft High School principal Mark Grishaber returned to work on Oct. 30 following a successful bone marrow transplant.

“Had a great first day back. Kudos to my assistant principals, leadership team and department chairs during my absence. My doctor says chances of me dying from leukemia is zero percent,” said Grishaber, who was diagnosed with the disease last year.

In a message sent to parents before his return, Grishaber wrote the following:

“The doctor has cleared me to return to work. I honestly can’t wait. Hundred days of isolation in my house has taken a toll on me. I look forward to getting back to a job I love.

“My doctor is concerned about my immune system.  It is rebuilding itself after the bone marrow transplant and even the smallest virus could land me back in the hospital.  “Although it’s not my style, for the most part I will be in my office for the next few months. Knowing me, I will wander a bit but for the most part I must continue my isolation in my office.”

Grishaber is asking students who are sick not to visit his office.

During his medical leave, Grishaber kept busy tweeting about student accomplishments, and in a recent interview about his health, he made sure that Taft’s academic successes had not gone unnoticed. “By the way, we’re a Level 1 school again, three years running,” he reported.