Coffeehouse opens Dec. 10 across from Jeff Park CTA Terminal


A new coffeehouse that also serves craft beer on tap and freshly sliced sub sandwiches will officially open at 11 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 10, across from the Jefferson Park CTA Terminal.

Weston’s Coffee and Tap owner Nick Davis said that as an area resident he felt that the community deserved an independently owned cafe where customers could conveniently purchase coffee in the morning and a beer in the evening and that the once vacant storefront at 4872 N. Milwaukee Ave. made for the perfect fit to open his business.

"It’s across from one of the busiest transit centers outside of the Loop," Davis said. The restaurant pays homage to the transit center with old rapid transit route maps and guides posted on the walls.

The dining area features free WiFi and a variety of sitting options for patrons, including an old church pew. "I built every tabletop here. Every counter I finished and sanded," Davis said. "It’s all reclaimed wood."

The cafe will offer Chicago-based Metropolis coffee and espresso products, including a nitro-infused cold coffee on tap.

"Since it’s cold brewed coffee, there’s no acidity to it, (and) it’s smooth," Davis said.

Also on tap will be four craft beers, which will change every week or two. The restaurant’s initial selection will be from Lake Effect, Great Lakes and 3 Floyds brewing companies.

The menu also will include wines, teas, locally made pastries and specialty breakfast sandwiches.

Davis said that his background of working both at a steakhouse in Ohio and in the corporate world in business development prepared him well for the challenges one faces in opening a restaurant.

The restaurant is named after his 4-year-old son Weston, and Davis already is starting to envision bringing in a second restaurant concept to Jefferson Park. He said that the initials of the daughter that he and his wife are expecting this winter would make a great name for an eating establishment.