Fearless Cooking plans to open in Jefferson Park, won’t be your traditional retail store


The owner of Fearless Cooking in Jefferson Park hopes to create a shopping experience that will set it aside from traditional brick and mortar retail outlets.

“The places that are struggling are those that are trying to compete with Amazon. I can’t compete with that,” owner Catherine Siebel said at the Feb. 8 meeting of the Jefferson Park Chamber of Commerce. “What I’m looking to sell is something you can’t find on Amazon (and) create a personal experience.”

The 2,300-square-foot store will be located inside the former meat market at 4410 N. Milwaukee Ave. Tentative plans call for it to open in June.

Siebel said that the store will feature cookware which is specially made for Fearless Cooking and that that there will be a demonstration table for customers to try products before they make their purchase decision.

Cooking classes for adults and children also will be held.

The classes will focus on “everyday cooking,” Siebel said. Many younger adults grew up in homes where meals were heated up in microwaves may not be not familiar with traditional cooking methods, she said.

Siebel also has plans to partner with local entertainment venues, such as the Gift Theater at 4802 N. Milwaukee Ave., to create “date nights” that might combine a cooking demonstration and a play.

Updates on the store’s grand opening are available by signing up for the Fearless Cooking newsletter at fearlesscookingchicago.com.