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Democratic white men hit proverbial ‘glass ceiling’

by RUSS STEWART Tokenism, as an adjective defined by Webster’s Dictionary, is an act merely simulated, of slight or no account. As a noun, it is an act of accommodation to a

Political compass in 45th Ward points South/Left

by RUSS STEWART To understand the political dynamics, ideological permutations and racial undercurrents of the 45th Ward on the city’s Northwest Side, one must have a customized, multi-directional compass: It must indicate

Legislators discuss Senate veto override on funding formula

By AGNES CONNOLLY Some legislators offered statements regarding the Illinois Senate’s override of Governor Bruce Rauner’s amendatory veto of Senate Bill 1, a bill that would change how funding is distributed to

North Korean crisis may boost Trump’s standing

ANALYSIS & OPINION BY RUSS STEWART An international crisis, if handled deftly and quickly by a sitting president, invariably revives or bolsters that president’s standing and popularity. John Kennedy got a spike

E-mails give insight into financing, zoning process for 5150 Northwest Hwy. project

by BRIAN NADIG E-mails obtained from the city show that the planned housing development at 5150 N. Northwest Hwy. has run into potential obstacles since the property was rezoned last May, but

Martwick, Mulroe hold meeting on school funding; Senate could vote Sunday

by BRIAN NADIG The uncertainty over whether there will be changes to the state formula for funding schools this fall adds to the difficulty that school administrators face, according to Ebinger School