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Participatory budget ideas sought

by BRIAN NADIG Alderman Anthony Napolitano (41st) is taking recommendations through January on how to spend the ward’s annual allocation of $1.32 million in discretionary funds for infrastructure improvements in 2018. About

2018 MWRD contests bring chaos-as-usual

by RUSS STEWART We have all seen those jewelry store commercials on television that state that "every kiss begins with . . . . " For Cook County residents, it can be

‘All the same’ in slew of political races for 2018

With filing having closed on Dec. 4, the 2018 political season is upon us. It can be classically characterized as this: It’s ALMOST ABOUT THE SAME. That means it’s almost about the

Gutierrez retirement is a case of ‘bait-and-switch’

by RUSS STEWART It’s called a "bait-and-switch." In consumer sales, it means baiting the buyer to show interest in one cheap product, and then persuading him or her to switch and buy

Preckwinkle vs. Stroger is underwhelming choice

by RUSS STEWART This week’s column will wax poetic. In characterizing the looming 2018 Democratic primary for Cook County board president, how about this: Hold your nose, close your eyes and pick

Social conservatives field Rauner opponent

by RUSS STEWART "Marginalization" is a word coined by political pundits. It means on the edge, the periphery – a political faction or movement that is inconsequential, irrelevant and/ or ridiculously impotent.