Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Display ads are the “picture” ads that you see throughout the front part of the newspaper. The ads themselves are placed weekly in each individual newspaper. The Northwest Side Press and the Reporter / Journal will each have varying display advertisements.

One of the main advantages of running a display ad is size. You get a larger size ad that you can add graphics and even color to go along with the text you place in the ad.

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Designing Your Ad

Display ads are charged based upon their size in the newspaper. They are calculated using column inches. One column inch is roughly 1″ inch tall by 1 1/2″ inches wide. Each newspaper has different dimensions.

The Northwest Side Press (which comes out on Wednesday) is 168 total column inches per page. It is 21 inches tall by 8 columns wide (which comes out to 13″ inches).

The Reporter / Journal (which comes out on Saturday) is 96 column inches per page. It is 16 inches tall by 6 columns wide ( which comes out to 10″ inches).

The larger the ad the more likely you are to get noticed. Just as important as the size of the ad is the frequency with which it runs. Studies have shown that it takes 6 – 8 runs before an advertisement begins to get noticed.

Our basic ad is black and white but we do offer full color. Color is a great way to stand out in a black and white newspaper however there is an additional charge.

Distribution Area

The following is a link to a map that outlines where our newspapers are distributed.

Nadig Newspapers Area Map

Display Rates

The cost of placing a display advertisement in the Nadig Newspapers varies greatly. The main factors in determining the cost of each ad are size, frequency, and the newspaper you run your ad in.

Because of all of the factors that it takes to determine the cost of a display advertisement we have found that our customers are better served by calling or emailing our office and speaking with a sales representative.

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Additional Advertising Options

In addition to placing display ads in the Nadig Newspapers you can also advertise your business with inserts placed inside of our newspapers, NewsNotes on the front page, or door to door delivery. Please call the office for more information.

Advertising On Our Website

Besides print ads in our newspapers, you can also have an ad placed on our side bar of our website. Reach a large number of potential customers, advertise special promotions or have it linked directly to your website! Please call the office for more information.

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