Circulation Department Information

The Nadig Newspapers publishes two newspapers.

On Wednesday our Northwest Side Press is released. It covers the Northwest Side of Chicago. It is delivered door to door by both children and adults.

On Saturday our Reporter / Journal is released. It covers part of Chicago’s northwest side as well as the surrounding suburbs. It is delivered door to door by adults only.

As well as distributing our newspapers door to door we also have several newsstands that sell copies of our newspaper. Locations where the Northwest Side Press can be purchased..

If you do not live in our distribution area and do not wish to purchase a newspaper on a weekly basis from one of our newsstands you can also order an online or mail yearly subscription. Please call the office for more details.

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Northwest Side Press Child Delivery

*Child Carrier Delivery has been suspended due to Covid-19.

As was stated above the Northwest Side Press is delivered both by children and adults. In exchange for door to door delivery of your newspaper the children will ring your doorbell every 3 – 4 weeks and ask you for 1.50.

You are NOT required to pay. We ask that you do and appreciate it when you can. The children earn a base salary plus a commission based upon the collections they make. If you are not home or simply do not wish to pay for the newspaper you will still receive it.

The circulation department operates from 6am until 1pm Monday through Friday.

If you have questions or comments regarding the delivery of your newspaper you can contact Circulation at
(773) 286-6100.